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How to Put a Sling on a Rifle without Swivels: 2024 Guides

By Zara Dec3,2023
How to Put a Sling on a Rifle without Swivels


Let’s explore the mystery of ‘How to put a Sling on a Rifle without Swivels‘ step by step so it’s as easy as pie!


You now possess a reliable gun and are prepared to use it for some shooting. A sling, however, is still lacking. When it comes to stability and ease, a sling changes the game. It’s not simply a cool accessory. But not every rifle has those fancy swivels for slings. No worries! We’re here to show you how to put a sling on your rifle without swivels.


Why Use a Sling?


In this section, we want to underline how crucial it is to comprehend the advantages of slinging your gun.


1. Stability and Convenience


Carrying a rifle can get tiresome when you’re out shooting, particularly in the field or on lengthy excursions. The sling aids in appropriately dispersing the weight so you may carry your gun for extended periods of time without discomfort. Your arms are relieved of the tension, and your hands are now free to perform other duties.


2. Improved Accuracy


The precision of your shots can be greatly improved by using a sling, which is more than simply a fashionable accessory. By providing a stable platform, it reduces the wobble and sway that can occur when aiming a rifle freehand. This steadiness is especially crucial for precision shooting, whether you’re hunting or target shooting.


3. A Must-Have Accessory


Make it clear that a sling is a necessary accessory for any rifle owner and is not an optional addition. A sling can improve the comfort and efficiency of your shooting experience, regardless of your level of skill.


The No-Swivel Challenge


Here, we acknowledge the challenge of not having swivels on your rifle for sling attachment and assure readers that there’s a solution.


1. Lack of Swivels


Explain that not all rifles come with swivels built-in. Swivels are the traditional attachment points for slings, but many rifles, especially older models or budget options, may not have them.


2. Solution-Oriented


Reiterate that facing this challenge doesn’t mean you’re out of options. This article is about finding creative solutions to attach a sling to your rifle even when swivels are absent.


The DIY Approach


Now, let’s get into the do-it-yourself (DIY) method for attaching a sling without swivels. We’re providing practical alternatives.


1. Homemade Sling Attachment:


Explain that the DIY approach involves creating your sling attachment point. This can be done with easily accessible supplies like paracord, zip ties, or a belt. This method’s accessibility and low cost make it beautiful.

Detailed Guide on How to Put a Sling on a Rifle without Swivels

Detailed Guide on How to Put a Sling on a Rifle without Swivels


This section provides a thorough, step-by-step explanation on how to attach the sling on the rifle without swivels.


1. Measure and Cut


Measure the length of the paracord you’ll need to start. It should be long enough to create a loop that comfortably goes around your rifle and over your shoulder. Explain the importance of accuracy in measurement.


2. Loop It


Describe how to create a secure loop with the paracord, which will serve as your attachment point. Ensure it’s tight and won’t come loose during use.


3. Secure It


Explain how to use zip ties or a belt to secure the loop around the rifle’s barrel or stock. Mention that it should be snug but not overly tight, so it doesn’t affect the rifle’s performance.


4. Adjust and Test


Encourage readers to adjust the sling’s length to their comfort. Emphasize the importance of testing it out to ensure it’s secure and comfortable when shouldered.


5. Fine-Tune


Suggest that readers make small adjustments if needed until the sling feels just right. The goal is to have a secure, comfortable, and functional attachment.


Tips and Tricks


In this section, provide additional tips and tricks for enhancing the sling attachment process.


1. Wide Belt for Comfort 


Mention that using a wider belt can provide extra comfort, as it distributes the weight of the rifle more effectively.


2. Experiment with Materials


Encourage readers to experiment with different sling materials. While paracord is a popular alternative, there are other choices as well, each with special benefits.


3. Expertise and Skills 


Advise readers to practice shouldering and aiming their rifles with the new sling attachment. Becoming familiar with its use is essential for getting the most out of it.


Safety First


This section reminds readers of the importance of safety when dealing with firearms.


Responsible Handling


Emphasize that firearm safety should always come first. Before attaching the sling, ensure the rifle is unloaded and follow all firearm safety rules.



Summarize the key points discussed in the article, reiterating the idea that with a bit of DIY spirit, readers can enjoy the benefits of a sling on their rifles even without swivels. Encourage them to give it a try and remind them to stay safe in all their shooting endeavors.

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