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By Zara Dec14,2023
What Channel is Peacock On Dish Satellite

If you’re a fan of NBC TV shows and programming, you’ll definitely want to know “What channel is Peacock on Dish Satellite?

An Overview of Peacock TV


Looking to catch Peacock on your Dish Satellite? You’re not alone! Finding the right channel can be a head-scratcher. Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, dishes out a feast of shows and movies.


But how to tune in using Dish? That’s the puzzle we’re tackling. With Dish’s array of channels, locating Peacock might feel like a treasure hunt. Fear not! We’ll decode the channels, spill the secrets, and get you streaming in no time. 


Whether you’re into comedies, dramas, or live sports, Peacock’s got you covered. Stay tuned as we unlock the channel digits to dive into your favorite shows hassle-free!


What channel number is Peacock TV on Dish?


“What channel number is Peacock TV on Dish?” Maybe you’re debating whether to watch your preferred shows on Peacock TV instead of Dish Network if you already have a subscription. We have everything covered!


With a wide selection of programming, including both exclusive TV shows and blockbuster movies, Peacock TV has grown to be a well-liked streaming service. Just turn to channel 159 on your Dish Network to find it. Yes, channel 159 is the entry point to the Peacock streaming service.


Peacock TV has something for everyone, whether your preference is for exploring fresh material, viewing vintage movies, or binge-watching the newest shows. Don’t pass up this amazing entertainment choice that you may get directly from your Dish Network.


With your remote in hand, take a seat, and explore the world of Peacock TV on Dish Network channel 159!


Popular TV shows on Peacock TV


Looking for binge-worthy content on Peacock TV? Here’s a lineup of must-watch shows that promise entertainment galore.


Parks and Recreation: Join the quirky residents of Pawnee in this hilarious mockumentary-style series.


The Office: Dive into the comedic chaos at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company with this beloved workplace sitcom.


Girls5eva: Follow a ’90s girl group’s journey to reclaim fame in this witty and nostalgic comedy.


The Blacklist: Explore the thrilling world of crime and espionage as a former government agent assists the FBI.


Yellowstone: Immerse yourself in the gripping drama surrounding a powerful family’s ranch in Montana.


Dr. Death: Brace yourself for this chilling true-crime series based on the shocking story of a sinister doctor.


Superstore: Delve into the daily antics of employees at a megastore in this clever workplace comedy.


Cheers: Travel back to the iconic Boston bar where everyone knows your name in this classic sitcom.


Each show on Peacock TV offers a unique blend of genres, from comedy and drama to suspense and nostalgia. Whether you’re craving laughter, suspense, or heartwarming moments, these shows cater to diverse tastes, promising hours of captivating entertainment.


So, grab your popcorn and get ready to explore the diverse array of compelling narratives and engaging characters that await you on Peacock TV!

Is Peacock a Free Channel?

Is Peacock a Free Channel?


Yes, there is a free membership option available on Peacock TV, providing users with no additional costs and access to a restricted range of programming. However, premium membership options are available for individuals seeking a larger content collection without advertisements.


Available Peacock TV Plans


When it comes to Peacock TV, there are three primary subscription plans:


1. Peacock Free ($0/month):


This plan offers a selection of movies, shows, news, and limited live sports, supported by ads. It’s a great way to explore Peacock’s content at no cost.


2. Peacock Premium ($4.99/month with ads):


Upgrade to access an expanded library of content, including exclusive originals, more movies, additional shows, live sports, and news. This plan, though ad-supported, offers a wider range of entertainment.


3. Peacock Premium Plus ($9.99/month ad-free):


Enjoy all the perks of the Premium plan without ads. Dive into a seamless streaming experience with uninterrupted viewing of Peacock’s extensive content library.


Each plan caters to different preferences, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their entertainment needs and budget. Whether you opt for the free tier or the premium plans, Peacock offers something for everyone.


FAQs on What Channel is Peacock On Dish Satellite

Can I get Peacock on Dish Network? 


Yes, Dish Network offers Peacock. You may use the on-demand option or look up the channel number in the Dish roster to locate it.


What is the price of a peacock? 


Peacock has three different plans: Peacock Premium with commercials at $4.99/month, Peacock Premium Plus with no ads at $9.99/month, and a free version with restricted content. Every layout accommodates a range of budgets and tastes.


On my TV, how do I watch Peacock? 


Using gadgets like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or smart TVs that work with the Peacock app, you can watch Peacock on your television. Just download the application, sign in, and begin streaming.


Does Peacock TV require a membership in order to access? 


Sure, you may use Peacock for free to view a restricted amount of content, but you’ll need to subscribe to Peacock Premium or Premium Plus to access the whole collection and features.

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